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About Us

Headline Solar is the fastest-growing solar company in Illinois and Texas. Featured on NBC Chicago, ABC7, Fox News, and many others due to our superior service.

Our passion starts with the creation of Solar Made Simple®.

Changing the world using renewable energy isn’t easy but is the core of our purpose. Solar energy is the cleanest and most effective way to create power for homes and we would love to see every single qualified homeowner get access to solar power.

Headline Solar is an organization based entirely on ethics and future sustainability. Our sales process has a basis in education. Every homeowner that is educated on the features and benefits of solar energy chooses to do their part and go solar.

Our vision to help the environment is one core component but our revolutionary company culture separates us from the pack. We blend tradition with technology by utilizing state-of-the-art automation for processes, thorough hands-on training, and developing proprietary software to ensure efficiency is the foundation of responsibilities for all team members.

Founded in 2018, Headline Solar was built using proprietary marketing systems and in-house lead generation that no other company in the United States has access to. Marketing is the main strategy we utilize to support our dynamic sales team.

We create incredible opportunities for our sales reps using our proprietary marketing system. Accelerated growth is achievable and manageable with the right systems, processes, and people in place.