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About Us

Celero Commerce is a FinTech company that partners with Financial Institutions to deliver payment processing services, business management software, and data intelligence to small and medium-sized businesses across the US.

Celero empowers business owners and executives to focus on driving commerce and cultivating growth and profitability. We want to help them win. This core goal is reflected in our name, as Celero is from Latin meaning “accelerate.”

Celero was founded in November of 2018 and has made 8 strategic acquisitions since then to best position us to deliver solutions for our bank partners and merchants. These strategic acquisitions were all companies that were successful independently however together allowed us to deliver a high-tech and high-touch experience. This includes UMS Banking, Elmhurst Financial Services, RazorSync, Tandem Payments, FlashBanc, TransNational Payments, Everest Payments, and Omega Technology.

Our mission is to be the most recognized and trusted name for small to mid-sized businesses providing simple-to use, bundled merchant solutions to enable efficient, sustainable growth. We pride ourselves on helping our customers earn more revenue, drive repeat business, and increase efficiency and market share.
Celero offers several different relationship options with banks to meet them in their evolution into payments. Our advisory services are second to none, and we collaborate with our bank partners to layout their product roadmap or support them as needed.

Our focus at Celero is on enabling merchants and partners to grow sustainably and with ease. In mid-2021, we proudly introduced our proprietary omnichannel payment gateway solution, Celero Connect, designed to help manage and grow businesses on a single platform. The Celero Connect platform offers a full range of payment processing and business management capabilities. It represents the future of payments, where cards can be accepted anywhere through virtual terminals, mobile phones, E-commerce, EMV, and contactless payments.
Our headquarter is in Nashville, and we have offices in Los Angeles, Petaluma, Dallas, Minneapolis, Greenville, Boca Raton, Tampa, and Chicago.