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Healthcare Testing Services

About Us

Trilab Health was founded as a response to the substance abuse and opioid epidemic, as well as a resource for physicians to routinely monitor their patients and help them achieve the best possible outcomes. With a multi-faceted high complexity reference laboratory, we are a peer-to-peer physician resource to help routinely monitor and achieve value-based outcomes for patients.
Trilab is accredited in both CLIA and COLA. We specialize in Toxicology, Blood Testing and Microbiology (Covid rt-PCR, Rapid and Influenza).
Trilab Health has been on the forefront of Covid rt-PCR and Rapid Testing with stellar turnaround times. Our goal is to provide rapid, accurate test results to allow for a save and conducive environment for everyone to work and play responsibly.
We have 10 locations in the Chicagoland area and a primary lab in Elmhurst that is 10,000 square foot State of the Art facility.