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About Us

The Midwest Center for Brain Health (MCBH) is unique. We’re not a primary care office or conventional medical practice. We focus exclusively on providing our patients with evidence-based, integrative solutions to optimize their brain health. Our mission is to help our patients experience a sharper mind so they can enjoy a long, active and independent life.

Whether you’ve been diagnosed with mild cognitive impairment, dementia, or Alzheimer’s – or you’re worried about new cognitive symptoms that are negatively impacting your life – we can help.

Our team of integrative doctors have come together to create a world-class center to provide the most advanced therapies and proven lifestyle interventions for brain health and vibrant longevity.

We understand that cognitive function is complex, and that’s why our programs address the wide variety of factors that can affect brain fitness, including nutrition, sleep, movement, hormones, environmental exposures, genetics, trauma, and more.

Our programs incorporate the proven principles of naturopathic and functional medicine and the Bredesen Protocol.™ We leave no stone unturned in our quest to help our patients achieve the best results possible.