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At Accurate CPR we strive to provide an onsite CPR certification class with the most realistic and life like scenarios possible in the classroom environment. Our instructors that our first aid and onsite CPR certification classes are licensed American Heart Association Instructors (AHA) and full time firefighter/paramedics that have had successful field resuscitations. First aid and onsite CPR certification classes are just some of the valuable training classes Accurate CPR & AED provide to your business.

Accurate CPR brings onsite realistic training that goes “Beyond the Classroom” to your facility. We specialize in corporate, commercial, industrial, school, gymnasium, church, park district any other public setting, and homes. Our instructors will provide the highest quality class and training scenarios even in the most limited spaces and/or time schedules.

Accurate CPR customized onsite cpr training places personnel in settings that emergencies are most likely to occur. The fundamentals that are learned during the onsite cpr training and first aid classes are applied in a work place setting, challenging rescuers to perform effectively while operating in a more realistic scenario. We can help identify the areas that create the biggest challenge and develop a scenario to train personnel to be effective in that atmosphere, all is done in our CPR and first aid classes.

Industrial: Rescuers face additional challenges when resuscitation must be performed in an industrial plant setting. Ensuring scene safety may involve more than just a simply verbalizing “the scene is safe”. Actions may need to be made to make the scene safe before moving to the next step. Working in a loud environment with machinery and visual obstacles, hazardous material, elevators, large staircases or areas with limited access are an example of factors that can make a successful rescue more challenging. Performing scenarios in the actual work place environment will prepare personnel to be effective rescuers.

Corporate/Commercial: In a commercial or office setting personnel also face challenges that can create an ineffective rescue situation. Large floor space, accessing a victim through a crowded facility, loading docks, operating elevators, or finding a victim in an area with limited access such as a bathroom or attic space all create unique situations. We can develop scenarios to create effective rescuers in situations unique to your work place.

School/Park District:Handling an emergency at home, school, your local park district or library can present its own unique challenges. A victim can experience a medical emergency or cardiac arrest in a space with limited access such as a bathroom, basement, crawl space or attic. Obtaining access to the victim or even calling for help are steps that need to be well planned to ensure a successful rescue. For example the difference between calling for help from a cell phone versus calling for help from a land line based phone can shave critical minutes from the 911 response. Accurate CPR & AED can help plan and prepare rescuers to be efficient in various situations that may occur in the residential setting.
Classroom training in an Essential part of Certification. Taking the training “Beyond the Classroom” can be the difference between simply obtaining a Certification and becoming an effective rescuer.

Accurate CPR is a authorized distributor for Zoll and Phillips Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs)and accessories.