Tic-Tac-Tag Launches VideoFX on the All-New ''O'' Booth


Tic-Tac-Tag finally released "VideoFX" on their "O" Booth systems. For the past couple years Tic-Tac-Tag's "O" Booth only had the capability to capture Still photos, create GIFs and make Boomerang videos. On January 1, 2020, Tic-Tac-Tag released a new feature called the VideoFX, after many clients have asked for a solution for more video capabilities. Now guests can create Slow-motion videos, Glitch, Grids and many more.

View the "O" Booth with VideoFX video here:

Capabilities Brands will Love!

This is great news for clients who have been torn between hiring a photo booth or a video booth for their events. Corporate clients can also add intro and outro clips to the videos to further immerse their brand within the activation. The "O" Booth also has the ability to stream photo that are taken in real-time on displays or monitors around the venue simply by entering a URL into the main system.

From Entertainment to Business

Alongside all the fun features that the "O" Booth brings, the "O" Booth is still a monster marketing tool. With its analytics dashboard and data capturing technology the "O" Booth photo booth has become a form of experiential marketing. Especially with its social sharing capabilities and the advent of social media, "photo booths are essentially free advertising." Interested in using our "O" Booths for multiple activations? Ask us about our short/long term leasing options.

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