TSOR Group

TSOR Group


About Us

We help businesses turnaround to make the leap from Good to Greater.
A character based Management Consultancy focused on business operations, developing leaders, risk mitigation and delivering financial outcomes.
TSOR Group has three services:
1. Leadership/Management in organizational development- From the executive leadership team to the first time managers, we clarify vision, get alignment, and instill ownership to the team, and teach foundations on how to lead and manage people. https://tsoracademy.com/

2. Supply Chain/operations consulting- We were operators first, and we understand the challenges of managing day to day issues, and set time to analyze the market and have a strategic plan. Think of us as a blue collared consultant who likes to be in the trenches with you, and not just advise from afar https://tsorgroup.com/

3. Manufacturing and Procurement- need help manufacturing your idea in Asia? We guide you through the process and give you visibility of the factory and your product before you transfer your money to a foreign international entity. https://tsorgroup.com/asia/

Tsorenity Now podacst- a podcast focused on leadership and entrepreneurship, where we listen to people's stories to draw out leadership principles and apply it to different industries. If you are an owner, leadership, or business owner, we want to hear from you!