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For 25 years Thruput has helped companies implement change for results.
Our clients engage us when they have a large change that needs to deliver value, likely part of the Value Creation Plan or an urgent program that is underperforming–such as AI/Automation. There is a need to achieve tangible results quickly. Our clients are often leadership of PE owned companies going through a transformation. They are across industries but always high-transactional: supply chain, logistics, fintech, insurance, manufacturing, business process outsourcing…many of which are partially regulated.

Within weeks we implement initial actions that show progress, which relieves pressure, and create a prioritized roadmap. We succeed levering key tools: Constraints Management, AI/Automation, Agile, and Change Leadership. These tools create what our clients have called ‘the magic’ producing low-risk, incremental, repeating improvements–starting within 60 days–that build larger and larger. This culminates with predictable breakthroughs on planned investments, forecast and managed in pro-forma financials. The final result is a defendable, increased valuation and results achieved.