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About Us

SyncTrans International, Inc. is a full service Customs Brokerage company. Our operations are fully automated and in conformity with U.S. Customs and Border Protection’s automated systems. We work with the most up-to-date software providing electronic paperless releases with Customs and other federal agencies.

SyncTrans International, Inc. is a federally licensed Customs Brokerage firm that holds both local (Chicago) and National Customs Permits allowing us to process imports nationwide. SyncTrans International, Inc. can procure required CBP bond for importing goods into the United States. SyncTrans International, Inc. supports the clients in complying with the laws and regulations enforced by Customs including those of other Federal agencies such as the Food and Drug Administration, Department of Agriculture, Department of Transportation, EPA, International Trade Administration, Department of Commerce and others. As your Customs broker, we quickly alert clients of relevant regulation changes and make the necessary documentations available promptly. The combination of our up-to-date knowledge and attention to detail means that we make your cargo's delivery as straightforward as possible. We work with businesses of many different sizes and with many different needs, but our mission is to provide our customers with fast and reliable service to overcome the challenges of global supply chain.