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About Us

Sunstar operates in the business sectors of Oral Care, Heath & Beauty, Motorcycle parts, and Chemicals. We strive to help people everywhere achieve better health and enhance their quality-of-life through our products and services. Learn more about the company, our philosophy and mission in the video and links below.
The origin of Sunstar dates back to 1932 when Kaneda Keitei Shokai was founded and began manufacturing and selling of rubber glue for bicycles. By applying the manufacturing technology used in pouring rubber glue into metal-tube containers, the company developed and introduced toothpaste in tube containers in 1946, when mainstream dentifrices were still in powder form. This was the first “Sunstar toothpaste” and later formed the company’s core business.
This business grew and led to the Oral Care and Health & Beauty businesses with an emphasis on the promotion of oral and whole body health. The company name “Sunstar” was derived from the idea of brushing teeth in the morning as the Sun comes out and again at night under the stars.
Meanwhile, the business of rubber glue and parts for bicycles developed into the Chemical business -synthetic adhesive agents and sealants for automobile production and construction application- and the motorcycle business -disc parts such as sprockets and brake.
Sunstar continues to promote the further development of businesses in four fields; Oral Care, Health & Beauty, Chemical and Motorcycle. Sunstar also creates new businesses by integrating and combining technologies fostered through our four business sectors.