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About Us

SP Marketing is a brand marketing agency. Our brand marketing services include website design, social media marketing, blogs, SEO and content management. We are here to help you grow your business.

In addition to our brand management we are a full service product sourcing agency that specializes in retail products with overseas and domestic sourcing capabilities. From brand conception to final distribution, we are your one stop shop on all consumer products.

We also manage the following retail brands:

CookCraft ~ Triply Stainless Steel Cookware with a patented latch lid @CookCraftCo.com

GoFar ~ Organized Travel Accessories @GoFarTravelGear.com)

Wine & Dogs ~ Whimsical Gifts & Apparel @WineandDogs.net

Sophie's Joy ~ Flameless Candle Home Decor @SophiesJoy.com

Dust Bender - The new way to clean for an allergy free home. @dustbender.com

XTek Clean- Microfiber products for your home and auto @xtekclean.com

We brought our very own products to market and succeeded in distribution channels in various markets from e-commerce, mail order and retail. Not to mention celebrity endorsements. Not only do we source, manufacture but we also market brands from web design to social media management to retail product placement online an in stores.