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Sodick, Inc. is the world's largest manufacturer of Wire EDM and Sinker EDM electrical discharge machines. With production facilities based in Thailand and Japan, and technology research centers based in Silicon Valley, CA, Sodick's pride is in the advanced technologies that we bring to bear on manufacturing processes. As part of our mission to offer the greatest accessibility to high-end solutions, Sodick includes our numerous core technologies into every EDM model, from entry model to performance model. These technologies include the patented, friction-free rigid linear motor, custom ceramic components with 1/3 the thermal coefficient of steel, and a next-generation motion controller board capable of making over 500 adjustments per second.

Most recently, Sodick has entered the Metal 3D Printing market with the OPM series 3D Printer, capable of simultaneously milling to provide finished surfaces. Designed to introduce conformal cooling channels to the mold industry, Sodick's Metal 3D Printer is the most versatile manufacturing product on the market today. With a 500W fiber laser, the OPM achieves an astounding 99.99% melting ratio, achieving the densest parts yet produced on a 3D Printer.