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About Us

Schaumburg Park District is dedicated to serving the community by providing versatile leisure opportunities. Offering more than 1,200 programs annually and employs 100 full-time employees and 500 part-time/seasonal employees. Programs and special events are enhanced through the efforts of 900 volunteers, including a Junior Leader program for youths of junior-high age.
Programs are offered for all ages, from infants through seniors. Recreation for the handicapped is provided in conjunction with the Northwest Special Recreation Association. The park district operates three community centers (CRC, Meineke, Bock), three fitness centers (CRC, Meineke, STP), three preschools, three outdoor pools (Atcher, Bock, Meineke), an indoor aquatic center (The Water Works), two golf courses (Schaumburg Golf Club and Walnut Greens) and a senior citizen center located in the CRC.