Sandler Training | Schaumburg, IL

Sandler Training | Schaumburg, IL

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About Us

Sandler Training is a global training organization with a local focus and over four decades of experience successfully partnering with businesses and individuals in a variety of industries to help them improve the effectiveness and efficiency of their sales and management processes.

Sandler is the only training methodology to utilize ongoing reinforcement training in order to produce lasting, measurable improvement.

Since real change occurs incrementally, ongoing reinforcement keeps tactics and strategies fresh and in daily use, continually strengthening new behaviors, habits, and beliefs.

We champion honest, no-nonsense consultative sales and management techniques that get results while preserving the individual team member’s self-respect.

Our philosophy embodies a comprehensive approach to selling, the mastery of revolutionary techniques, and an entirely new attitude toward the sales and management processes.

As a member of a network of more than 250 training centers in 29 countries around the globe, we can create a common culture within our clients’ organizations and then establish consistent practices throughout their service and/or distribution networks.