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We are a Yoga studio but what is so unique about our studio is that we host yoga classes in our salt caves. Salt Caves are growing in popularity as a fun and relaxing leisure activity, however they were first invented by doctors to treat a variety of medical problems. It was a know fact that most laborer's working in mines were significantly less healthy compared to the average person who worked above ground. However Dr. Boczkowski realized that there was one exception, the salt miners. The salt miners we’re actually healthier than the average person. This puzzled Dr. Boczkowski. He researched and consulted with others and decided it must be the salt. In 1839 he opened the first Salt Cave Medical Facility in the Wieliczka Salt Mine in Poland. Today, Salt Cave Therapy also known as Halotharapy is an alternative/complimentary treatment that can cure or help a wide range of ailments. People who suffer from any respiratory it allergy issue seem to benefit the most, however our guests also find relief from stress, depression, sleeplessness, acne, aged skin, and report an overall stronger immune system. We offer a Himalayan Salt Cave as well as a Sea Salt cave. We offer Salt Cave sessions, infrared sauna sessions, workshops, and of course yoga classes.