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About Us

Launching professionals towards prosperity through effective financial coaching.

If you need a push in the direction of prosperity, let Prosperity Launch help!

Prosperity Launch will help you come up with a plan to live comfortably, with minimal sacrifice. You should enjoy a consistent income no matter how up and down your business or income may be. After enrolling in our program, you will have a plan you can follow to prosperity.

The process toward prosperity is simple at Prosperity Launch. It begins, as our name suggests, with your personal Launch Session. In this two-hour session, Kyle Bennett will take a deep dive into your financial situation and help you formulate a plan to start moving towards prosperity.

After the Launch Session, you will have a plan for your money. This will put you well on your path to prosperity. At this point, many of our clients are looking for ongoing coaching to make sure they don't stray from the path to prosperity. This also allows us to work together when life or business inevitably does not go as planned.

Step One is to sign up for a completely FREE 20-minute Q&A call where you can ask questions and learn more about our programs to determine if our Launch Session is a good fit.