Peter Troost Monument Company



About Us

Peter Troost Monument Company of Chicago, Illinois was founded in 1870 by Frank and Henry Troost, who came to America from Belgium in 1868. The Troost family has been serving memorial customers ever since. Frank Troost, the 4th generation, got his start digging graves at one of the company cemeteries while Lisa Troost Sottrel, 5th generation, started helping out when she was 12, answering phones and stamping envelopes and brochures.

Today, Peter Troost Monument Company consists of more than thirty locations in five states, making it the largest privately-owned monument company in the United States. Troost Monuments are also available through more than 150 funeral homes. We have several nationally recognized designers on staff and are proud of the distinctive memorials we produce.

While cemetery memorials are still our primary focus, our product offerings have grown to include commemorative plaques, brick fundraisers, commercial signage, park benches and veterans memorials.

Lisa Troost Sottrel is the company President and she is committed to continuing the company traditions of growth, superior service and design and philanthropy well into the future.

Frank Troost, CEO, and Lisa Troost Sottrel, President, represent the 4th and 5th generations of Troost family members to lead Peter Troost Monument Company.

Our firm is considered one the leading grave marker and gravestone designers in the memorialization industry because of our commitment to professional standards and the culture of ethical conduct within our business. We understand the deep feelings involved in the process of commemorating the life of a loved one.

We perform our memorialization work with incredible care and attention to detail. Our monument designers, artists, stone carvers and granite sculptors understand the importance of crafting the perfect monument for people that earned the timeless respect and honor of their families and communities.