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As a 100 percent veteran owned and operated business, we pride ourselves on providing expertly trained FAA licensed commercial drone service in cities throughout the United States with an unparalleled level of service. Equally, we have dedicated staff who are Certified Homeland Protection Professionals (CHPP) giving us a wide range of specialized capabilities within emergency management scenarios. We are not a drone pilot marketplace or referral service. We build personal business relationships focusing on benefiting the client with product quality and service consistency you can rely on.

Aerial Photos: Overhead and 2D mapping of terrain and structural models in Ultra HD/4K resolution.

Video: Creating Ultra HD/4K aerial video professionally edited and corrected.

3D Mapping: Creating accurate and real-time 3D models of structures and buildings unobtainable utilizing other technology.

Thermography: Combining Ultra HD/4K and thermal (FLIR) imaging in real time for the client's application and analysis.