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Dr Ray and Rev. Jean Kadkhodaian founded The Lighthouse Emotional Wellness Center in 2002, primarily as a practice dedicated to working with couples. After working intensely with couples for over 13 years, we recognized that our approach was effective in improving other relationships as well. Thus, The Lighthouse extended its professional counseling services to families and individuals who want to be more successful in their relationships. The integrative approach we use begins with a thorough assessment of a person's interpersonal relationship history, then we teach new concepts and skills to help each person understand themselves and communicate successfully. Finally we incorporate a practical application of new behaviors and skills in the real world which leads to permanent and lasting change in their relationships.

INDIVIDUAL COUNSELING: At the Lighthouse we offer the newest and most innovative approaches to emotional wellness and personal growth. We want to partner with you to help you become strong, peaceful, powerful and happy in all of your relationships. Our highly skilled staff help clients with core issues that impact all areas of their lives and can interfere with the development of healthy relationships.

Core issues such as:

- Self-Esteem
- Communication
- Trust
-Unhealthy relationship patterns
- Anger
- Power & control
- Intimacy
- Unhealthy boundaries

COUPLES COUNSELING: When relationships form between two people, a separate and unique entity is created, called the “couple personality”. This union of two individuals into something greater is also called, “synergy”. It is this synergy in a relationship that provides the excitement and passion a couple feels when they first come together. Over time, however, this synergy can stop growing, especially when time and energy isn’t dedicated to the relationship. External influences and obligations can further erode this synergy causing a disconnect within the “couple personality”.

The Couples Synergy Program, developed by Dr. Ray and Rev. Jean Kadkhodaian, teach couples how to reenergize and improve the synergy within their relationship. It provides the tools and guidance needed to bring back the excitement and passion the couple once felt for each other.

FAMILY COUNSELING: In addition to attending to the struggles that families often encounter within the home, at The Lighthouse, we recognize that over the years, the traditional family structure has changed. Beyond just needing a dual household income to survive financially in these times, families are struggling with the multiple dynamics occurring in today’s American family.

Blended families have become the major family structure in this country and children often have to adapt to multiple households and different parenting styles. Grandparents can also add stress within a family especially if they are struggling with long term care concerns. To complicate matters, kids are also under more pressure to succeed than they ever have been in the past.

At The Lighthouse, we pride ourselves on the services we are able to offer children and families struggling with everyday life issues. It is our belief that “it takes a village” to raise a successful family and we are more than willing to provide the support necessary for you and your loved ones.

PSYCHIATRY SERVICES: For those of our clients who may need the assistance of medication therapy, our resident psychiatrists, Dr. Kadkhodaian & Dr Kondic, take a conservative approach to the use of psychotropic medications in combination with the counseling services that The Lighthouse provides. Our doctors serve children, adolescents and adults.

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