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About Us

Leeward Business Advisors invests in Partnership Capital with our customers. We integrate with customers and work as a member of their team to identify & accomplish strategic improvements to advance their mission.

We are a local Midwest company with Midwest values. We treat our customers as Partners, not a service request. That means you get our full attention, we openly share information and knowledge that will benefit you, and if we think there is a better way we will tell you about it. Our success is measured based on repeat business and customer relationship longevity. We can only be successful if you agree we make you successful.

Solution development is a way of life at Leeward Business Advisors. We are focused on developing and delivering solutions that advance the maturity and operational excellence of businesses. This is accomplished through the investment of Partnership Capital. We nurture expansive relationships with customers, monitor business and technology trends, and follow an agile solution development process. Our process quickly identifies solutions with high probability of success and prioritizes the right efforts.

Our local executive team has successfully run complex IT departments and data center operations where they were directly accountable for mission critical workloads. They have built a consulting and operations framework based on that extensive experience and trained LeewardBA’s Advisors and Customer Care teams to follow it. Every customer workload is considered critical to our team. We strive for operational excellence with every solution we deliver, every system we support, and every transaction we execute. We don’t want you to get lost in the clouds with another provider that cannot take the time to understand your business.

Leeward Business Advisors shelters our customers from the complexity of technology. We help drive business results by providing advisory services, relevant technology solutions, and support.

Advisor Workshops enables you to find improvement opportunities in your business and helps you capture the value of those opportunities. Our experienced staff will focus on designing successful and fiscally responsible solutions that will grow with your business. Leeward can engage with an individual business leader or the entire start-up team. We are also available to meet with investors, board members, and other stakeholders to ensure we have full exposure to all your needs.

- Mind Your Business Workshop
Your team is consumed by reactive tasks that pull attention away from strategic projects. As a result, your business is unable to improve. The Mind Your Business workshop will help your team overcome analysis paralysis and launch them into action. Your team will uncover opportunities for improvement that have a direct impact on your business. Together we will produce a roadmap with goals based on this business criteria. Your LeewardBA Advisor will deliver a completed Strategy Roadmap. Like a GPS, your roadmap will provide step by step guidance, keeping you on the path to achieving your goals. Your LeewardBA Advisor will schedule follow up sessions to help your team maintain momentum on their road to improvement.

Learn more or call today to schedule your no cost, no risk Mind Your Business Workshop:
Leeward Business Advisors at 262.358.4116 or Hee Shim at 630.240.1357

- Service Management Assessment
The Assessment and Improvement engagement is a repeatable methodology based on ITIL Continuous Service Improvement standards. We will work together to measure the current performance of your processes, team and IT services. A Leeward IT Service Management expert will lead you step-by-step to document relevant and measurable improvements. Our CEO has helped over 130 fortune 500 companies find their path to improvement through Continuous Service Improvement. The Leeward team leverages a set of proprietary diagnostic questions to measure IT Service Management performance. Working with you, we determine key performance metrics to validate the impact of the identified opportunities. The team will build a list of actionable changes to directly improve performance. As a final deliverable, you will receive a documented Continuous Service Improvement framework to enable your team to achieve on-going optimization. Leeward has a flexible engagement model that allows you to determine what level of ongoing consultant support you need to attain your targeted improvement goals. IT Service Management Assessment & Improvement works as a top down directive for revolutionary change or as a bottom up grass roots evolutionary effort. After our initial introduction, we will partner with you to determine the required participants for success.

- Business Startup
Planning for business startups is a facilitated green field workshop. We were once a business startup too, and we remember what it takes to plan your needs from back office to logistics and everything between. The workshop will produce a documented strategy, budgetary estimates, and a detailed project plan for implementation. These elements can integrate directly into your business plan and increase your chances for a successful launch. Our team will meet with you and document your business goals and objectives.

Learn more or call today to schedule your workshop:
Leeward Business Advisors at 262.358.4116 or Hee Shim at 630.240.1357

Business Solutions help solve problems using critical thinking, thin slicing, and advanced technologies.
- Business Information and Analysis
Let a Leeward Business Advisor help you with your next project:
• Enterprise Resource Planning
• Customer Relationship Management
• Database Optimization
• Information Analysis
• Data Integration and Transformation

- Governance, Risk and Compliance
We'll sweat the small stuff so you don't have to worry about:
• Threat Assessments
• Penetration Testing
• Social Engineering
• Standard Operating Proceduresu
• Risk Mitigation and Disaster Recovery
• Asset Management

- Cost Reduction and Financial Management
If money grew on trees, saplings would be very expensive.
Q: How much is too much to pay for technology?
A: Never pay more than it is worth to your business.
Leeward Business Advisor can teach you how:
• Earn Cash for Energy Savings
• Reduce Support with Virtual Desktops
• Shift 'Keep the Lights On' to Managed Services
• Reallocate Staff to Strategic Efforts
• Streamline Vendor Management
• Consolidate Network and Phone Services

Life Cycle Services helps you become more strategic. You have a company to run, customers to serve, markets to explore, and a budget that needs to be managed. You are a CEO, CFO, COO, Business Owner, and Executive. Maybe you have an IT department, maybe you do not. What you need is a strategic advisor that can help you at every stage of the service life cycle. We stand with you, because you deserve to have a partner that cares about your success. Our team is motivated to be your best employee.

- Service Strategy
You know you want an ERP system or maybe it's a CMS platform, no it was CRM, or maybe you only know what the 'IT Guy' said would be 'Better Than the Last One'. What you need is a service strategy. It is time for your company to go from good to great and Leeward Business Advisors can help get you there.
• Fractional CIO Services (Temporary, Permanent, or As-needed)
• Technology Due Diligence Review
• Service to Business Value Alignment
• Budget Review, Total Cost of Ownership Discovery
• Budget Planning, Return on Investment Forecasting
• Spin down, spin up, spin off, Technology Integration Planning

- Service Design & Service Transition
'We don't need an expert, changing to this new service will be transparent.' ...famous last words. It is time to break the cycle of wanting to get more from your business systems, but never getting what you need. LeewardBA can design IT, build IT, deploy IT, and best of all it will be what you need, not just more IT!
• Build a Vision
• Create a Scope
• Build and Manage RFIs and RFPs
• Make a Purchase Decision
• Ensure Business Value Alignment
• Prepare for Compliance
• Protect the Budget
• Create the Plan and Run the Project
• Deploy Software
• Move a Data Center
• Get to the Cloud
• Get out of the Clouds
• Migrate a Server or Move an Entire Office
• Meet Compliance Goals
• Upgrade your PCs
• Realize Business Value

- Service Operations
'Veni, Vidi, I rebooted it. A common motto with a familiar outcome.' Also, known as the IT Stockholm Syndrome. Your business systems are holding you hostage and your starting to empathize with the network for being down every Monday. It is time for Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and a shift to mature operations that follow best practices. Let Leeward Business Advisors Shelter You from the Complexity of Technology.
• Real Time Support from a Local Service Desk Team
• Proactive Monitoring 24/7
• Managed Solutions for
• Anti-Virus, Servers, PCs, Email / Office 365, Security, SPAM Filtering, and Networks
• Responsive Onsite Support
• Security Testing and Social Engineering Protection
• Benefit from the Value of a Working Solution
• Never Pay to Fix IT, When IT Never Should have Broke

Technical Services combines our enterprise class solutions with your technical know-how and start delivering new services today.
- Data Center Co-location
Flexible data center hosting and co-location service options allow you to rack and stack any way you need. Cloud and Co-location Services Regionally Located for Low Latency, Disaster Recovery Protection, and Data Integrity. All Sites Up-Link to Major Carrier Hotels and Offer Access to Most Telco Providers. Standard features include:
• Lockable Quarter, Half, or Full Cabinets
• Fraction Rack Unit Rental (Rent as little as 1U)
• Remote Hands, Reactive or Proactive Hardware Management
• Blended / Protected IP and Internet Services
• Co-Managed Firewall Solutions
• No Metering for Power, Flat Fee Every Month

- Public and Private Cloud
LeewardBA offers a broad selection of Public, Private, and Hybrid Cloud services. Our Cloud options can be co-managed, are strategically positioned for low latency, and are accessible over VPN or direct connection. LeewardBA Offers:
• Stratus Data Center Virtual Servers
• Stratus PC Virtual Desktop
• Office 365
• AWS with a direct cross connection on the Midwest AWS Node
• Nutanix, Citrix, Acropolis, KVM, VMWare, and Hyper-V
• WAN Design for Direct Connect
• Easy to Budget Monthly Pricing

- Cyber Security and Cyber Threat Assessment Program (CTAP)
Get the Cyber Security you need with optional design, implementation, and managed services. Benefit from LeewardBA's experience and connected threat reporting services that can slam the door shut on Zero Day Exploits using Cloud Hosted Sandboxes, Integrated Switch Firewalls to stop virus and worm propagation, and End Point protection solutions that never stop knocking down threats.

Learn more or call to schedule a free Cyber Threat Assessment or to speak with one of our Cyber Security experts: Leeward Business Advisors at 262.358.4116 or Hee Shim at 630.240.1357

Follow us in the news:

• LeewardBA Announced KABA Fast Five Winner
Leeward Business Advisors was announced as one of KABA's Fast Five award winners this year. Read more via Biz Times Milwaukee:

• Artificial Intelligence takes over Kenosha school for a day!
Leeward Business Advisors and Kenosha School of Technology Enhanced Curriculum invite you to an exciting, fun event kicking off Computer Science Education week and announce this year's computer science challenges.

• In The News: &
Leeward Business Advisors' recent partnership announcement of working with Dane County Data Exchange to provide data center services from the Madison area has recently been shared on and

You can read both organizations’ converge of the story at the links below:

• Gateway Corporation
Private Kenosha Business Expands into Madison
MADISON, WI—November 7th, 2016--Leeward Business Advisors continues their meteoric rise and expands into Madison, WI. After receiving KABA’s Fast Five award on November 3rd, LeewardBA is excited to announce the opening of new data center space in Madison, WI. Facility Gateway Corporation was commissioned to construct dedicated data center space with their Broadway location for LeewardBA.

In partnership with Dane County Data Exchange, LeewardBA is now offering the Madison market a feature rich solution for data center co-location, offsite backup, cloud, and managed services.

• STEM Elementary Students Deploy Spelling App to Cloud
KENOSHA, WI - Friday April 8th, 2016, Leeward Business Advisors is hosting a school field trip and media open house at the Data Holdings Data Center, owned by the Potawatomi Tribe in Milwaukee, WI. Seventh and Eighth graders from Kenosha Technology Enhanced Curriculum (KTEC) have been participating in an after school coding club led by Leeward Business Advisors. Students will tour the Tier III, LEED Gold certified data center to deploy their programing project to LeewardBA’s regional Cloud Computing environment, called Stratus.

• LeewardBA Hosts Free Event to Promote Community Involvement
Private Company Holds Event to Support Local Education Partners
KENOSHA, WI - July 18th, 2016 - Answering the age-old question, “When are we going to use this in real life?”, Leeward Business Advisors (LeewardBA) is hosting HarborFest ’16: “Dueling for Community Involvement”. This education-focused event will showcase compelling ways private businesses can introduce students to real-world experiences. “Dueling for Community Involvement” will be held at the Historic Simmons Field, home of the Kenosha Kingfish.

• Leeward Business Advisors to Support Innovation Lab
KENOSHA, WI—August 26th, 2016: At HarborFest 2016 LeewardBA announced they would donate computer systems to support KTEC’s implementation of an innovation lab. A former KTEC student, working as an intern for LeewardBA has been preparing the systems for donation. Today Soren Aldridge, a KTEC alum and LeewardBA intern is delivering and installing the fifteen donated computer systems at KTEC.

• Leeward Business Advisors Joins Nutanix Partner Network as a Service Provider Partner
KENOSHA, WI – July 30, 2015 –Leeward Business Advisors (LeewardBA) today announced it has joined the expanding Nutanix Partner Network as a Managed Cloud and Service Provider partner in North America. LeewardBA will be the first service provider in the central US to join and will serve as a valuable partner as Nutanix’s service provider partner network continues to expand.

• Leeward Business Advisors enable veterans for success this Veterans day
KENOSHA, WI – November 10, 2015 – The Midwest Veterans Closet is a non-profit organization located in the rural suburbs of Chicago. The organization relies on donations from the surrounding communities to provide veterans with a place they can get warm clothes and get back on their feet. Midwest Veterans Closet was missing one important tool, working computers. Computers are critical to help Veterans search for jobs, prepare resumes, and consume online training.

In partnership with IGEL Technology, Leeward Business Advisors deployed five Stratus PCs to the Midwest Veterans Closet to be used in their drop-in center. IGEL Technology donated five Zero Client terminal devices that maximize power savings, without compromising performance. The Zero Client devices access Leeward Business Advisors’ Stratus PC environment over the Internet. The Stratus PC environment is running from a state-of-the-art data center. This allows each Veteran to access necessary tools to prepare for re-employment, while keeping their information secure.

• Week with Support from Leeward Business Advisors
Kenosha, WI – December 3rd, 2015 – Michael Polzin, Tony Farella, as well as 14-year-old coding guru CJ Polzin of Leeward Business Advisors announced the kick off Computer Science Education Week at a school-wide, KTEC assembly yesterday. The team announced that LeewardBA in partnership with the Kenosha School of Technology Enhanced Curriculum (KTEC) will be extending Computer Science Education week into an entire month long coding program, with additional educational resources made available all year around.

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