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An Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program tailored to your home or business will control insects and rodents just as well, or better, with reduced pesticide residues and less contamination of non-target surfaces.

Landmark IPM emphasizes the control of insects and rodents with the least possible harm to the environment or human health. It encourages chemical-free pest control measures such as structural exclusion, and habitat modification to control pests. Landmark’s targeted IPM methods reduce exposure to pesticides and are quickly replacing old-fashioned pesticide-centric pest control as the preferred, modern service.

We encourage chemical-free pest control as first measures before turning to products that carry warnings of any kind. When pesticides are used, the mildest effective product is chosen and is applied the most targeted way at the lowest effective dosage.

Landmark’s Integrated Pest Management program seals pests out and prevents infestations by first relying on pesticide-free strategies designed to stop insects and rodents before they become a problem. Landmark introduces pesticide-free methods including insect light traps, air curtains, barriers, screens, sealant, door sweeps, pheromone traps, insect traps, vacuuming, sanitation and the removal of food and harborage.

Landmark’s targeted methods reduce exposure to pesticides. Our preferred green methods include effective natural products such as silica, dust formulations applied to inaccessible wall voids, and targeted bait gels applied to cracks-and-crevices.