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At Kumon we are dedicated to fully pursuing the potential of each individual student. Kumon Instructors provide just enough guidance for their students to be able to do the exercises on their own. As a result, our students learn that they can do anything if they try, build self-esteem, and develop the ability to take on new challenges for themselves.

With the Kumon Method students begin study from a comfortable starting point that is suitable for each student’s level of ability, without taking their age or grade level into consideration.

At Kumon, we enable students to develop advanced academic and self-learning ability by ensuring that they are always studying at a level that is “just-right” for them.

The Kumon Method aims for students to go beyond their school grade level through self-learning and advance to studying high school level material at an early age.

The Kumon Method is a learning method that pursues the potential of each individual student, and develops his or her ability to the maximum.

The following four strengths enable Kumon to achieve all of the above.

1. Individualized Instruction
Kumon is an individualized learning method that allows each student to study at a comfortable level, regardless of age or school grade, and advance beyond his or her current school grade level. At Kumon, students become enthusiastic for learning and experience a sense of accomplishment as they increase their academic ability and develop their potential to the maximum.

2. Self-Learning
Kumon places great importance on self-learning, encouraging students to read the worksheets, think, and do the exercises on their own. The ability to study independently helps students become proactive and assists them in the pursuit of their goals and aspirations.

3. Small-Step Worksheets
Kumon worksheets are designed to take students from easy problems to difficult problems in very small steps. This enables each student to study at an appropriate level and advance smoothly through the program.

4. Kumon Instructors
Kumon Instructors discover what individual students are capable of and bring out their potential. Instructors pay careful attention to each student’s academic ability, personality and how he or she solves the worksheets. Based on their observations, Instructors provide effective support to ensure study at a level that is “just right” for each individual.