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About Us

For more than 24 years, Innovative Components, Inc. has pioneered the creative use of ''Green'' materials and technologies in its manufacturing processes. Innovative Components of Schaumburg, IL and its sister company Componentes Innovadores in Cartago, Costa Rica comprise one of the largest manufacturers of plastic knobs, handles, quick release pins and latches in the world.

The company has perfected techniques for utilizing recycled plastics with no compromise in mechanical or aesthetic values. Innovative Components uses thermoplastic materials exclusively, unlike other knob manufacturers who make heavy use of thermoset plastics such as phenolic. Scrap from thermoplastic resins may be recovered and reprocessed, whereas thermoset materials generally may only be processed once before being sent to the landfill.

In 2016 the company's use of recycled content exceeded 82%. Recently, Innovative's eco-friendly policies allowed it to reach an exclusive agreement with one of the world's largest recyclers of e-waste (computers, monitors, printers, etc.), thus ensuring access to high-quality recycled resins for 2016 and beyond.