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About Us

Our Purpose
Many people simply don't trust financial advisors. We're out to change that.

Always a Fiduciary
As an independent fiduciary adviser, our clients know that all of our advice and recommendations are in their best interests. And because we have nothing to sell, we are all about building long lasting relationships instead of focusing on the next transaction.

As a client, you’ll never wonder how much you are paying to have FMI as your advocate and what you are getting in return.

No commissions
No conflicts of interest
No competing agendas
Our firm is completely independent with no affiliations to other financial firms such as broker-dealers, fund managers, or insurance providers. We help you navigate every aspect of your financial life without any external incentives which makes you our only priority.

You’re busy with your personal and professional lives, so we give you access to web and mobile tools to make sure you and your advisor are always on the same page.

All of your accounts in one place
Interactive budgeting tool
Tasks to prioritize action items
Our Approach
The way we work with every client is what sets us apart from the pack.

Wide range of services and expertise from authentic professionals
Real-world advice from down-to-earth advisors
High-value solutions for any budget
Planning with a purpose
Much more than just an investment strategy
Better decisions, better outcomes
Empowerment through education
Understand the why, not just the how
Prepare the next generation for continued success
Maximize what you keep
Spending?—?Tools to help you monitor where your hard-earned money is going
Taxes?—?Strategies to help you understand and manage your tax exposure
Fees?—?Know exactly what you are paying and what you are getting