About Us

PAC-MAN Entertainment is a stylish and unique place to eat, drink and socialize. While the massive 52,000 square foot playground was inspired by PAC-MAN, the experience is playfully sophisticated. Think Date Night. Girls/Guys Night Out. Work Parties (the fun kind).

PAC-MAN Entertainment is the brainchild of the great, playful and audacious minds at Namco USA Inc. While the company is known for arcade games, PAC-MAN Entertainment is the anti-arcade. It is all about the next level of socialization. And yes, there are video games – both classic and new, over 150 to be exact– that add to the ambiance.

Our food takes center stage. The restaurant is literally the epicenter of our venue. Awesomely infused cocktails, house-sommelier selected wines, craft brews…it all takes your evening to a different level. We have everything from decadent burgers, delectable entrees and desserts from Executive Chef and sushi from one of the city’s best chefs.
Our 180-seat dining room is surrounded by a retro beercade, 8 boutique bowling lanes and private event spaces!