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My parents retired because they believed they ''deserved'' it, even though they hadn't saved for it. They still had a mortgage and would borrow money against it to take a vacation or to pay large bills. Then my mom died. They had life insurance only on my dad since he was ''supposed'' to die first. After Mom passed, Dad's bills stayed the same even though the household income was cut in half. He didn't have the option to pay half of the mortgage or half the electric bill. Dad tried to trim expenses but continued to struggle.

It made me realize things don't always happen the way we think they will. We need to prepare for any and every possible scenario.

As a result, I became a financial advisor so that I can help folks retire with dignity and continue to lead a happy and abundant life. In my practice, I work with people who are willing to explore all the ''what-ifs'' and take practical stops to address various retirement scenarios. I will work with you to create a strategy that makes sense, is easy to understand and, most importantly, fits your situation. I do not want anyone to end up like my parents.

I create an environment where you will feel more like a friend than a client. Once you do become a client, I consider you to be part of my ''family''.