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Who We Are

Since 1930 Consumers Credit Union, headquartered in Lake County, IL, has been guided by the same founding principles:
Long-term stability. Dedication to providing the finest financial services. A committed investment in our Members.

As an open-to-the-public, not-for-profit institution, our unique focus is on you, the consumer. Our end goal is to provide service that's customized uniquely to you, backed by offerings that address all of your banking needs.

Our credit union offers a complete array of products and services to our Members —checking, savings, debit and credit cards, vehicle and consumer loans, money market accounts and certificates of deposit, along with a variety of mortgage products.

Unlike at a bank, you're not just another ''customer'' at Consumers Credit Union. You're a Member with a say in everything that we do. And what we do is strive to add more value for our well-deserving Members. As a nonprofit, rather than pocket any profits, we pour them back into the institution to provide better rates and additional benefits for you.

We are one of the largest credit unions in Illinois, with over 83,000 Members and more than $930 million in assets. CCU is owned and democratically operated by our Members, who elect our all-volunteer Board of Directors. In turn, the Board represents our Member-owners' interests in credit union policymaking. Unpaid volunteers also serve on Credit Committees and Supervisory Committees.

Once a Member, always a Member.

Membership with CCU is on your terms. No matter where you move or how your life changes, you can maintain Membership with us. And when those life-altering moments do occur, CCU assures you that we will be there to offer support and personalized financial services to suit all of your needs.

Our commitment to you is the driving force behind our credit union, because your life is our priority.

CCU Membership is unique. Regardless of where you live or work, you are eligible to join. This differs from most credit unions that restrict Membership based on geography, employment or other criteria. And becoming a Member is incredibly easy.

Why does all of this sound unlike a typical financial institution? Because at CCU, we are a group of Members who are driven by a singular goal--making our lives better through a financial system that encourages saving and allows us to loan money to each other. And only Members can reap the benefits of our credit union.

Credit unions are cooperatives that provide a healthy, secure and not-for-profit alternative to financial service providers who are committed only to profit. After ensuring reserves, CCU distributes surplus funds to Members in the form of dividends, reduced interest on loans and improved services.

Joining CCU means you are more than just a customer. You are a Member.