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About Us

Welcome to our kitchen ? Chicago Culinary Kitchen!

Here, our BBQ is Texas-Style and our beers are crafty! Whether you come for one of our unique BBQ and craft beer pairing classes or you come in on the weekends when we open our doors to the public serving our meats in true Texas fashion, we guarantee you will be served our best and freshest BBQ!

BBQ is an artisan and requires commitment. Our meats are delivered fresh and great care is taken when we prepare each cut to be smoked in our Ole Hickory Smoker. We use a combination of cherry and apple woods in order to impart the delicious and natural sweet smoky flavor and encourage a rich mahogany color. Our hand-crafted meats are smoke d slow and low overnight to be served hot and fresh for that day?s service. Great BBQ is not fast food! Nor is great BBQ cheap!

Why Texas-style?

We don?t sauce our meats. Period.

True to Texas-style, we let the meat be the star of the plate! The seasonings we use for each cut of meat is chosen specifically to enhance that meat?s natural flavors. The mixture of these simple spices, our combination of cherry and apple woods, along with our technique and the patience in the long cook times create smoked meat masterpieces.

People travel the world to eat the best BBQ ? there is no other cuisine with that kind of devotion.