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I know how hard it is to be a caretaker for a family member. To ask all the right questions, gather all the information, make the decisions. Sometimes just knowing what to ask, or breaking bad news to a loved one are the hardest things for families.

That’s why I started Charism. Every caretaker needs someone to turn to. Charism means gift, and to me, the greatest gift is in giving.

These days families are separated not only by distance but by time and obligation. It would be nice if every family had a medical person they could call for advice, to decipher medical information, attend appointments, and help make those tough decisions – but that’s just not the case. That’s how I realized my vision. To be the person that anyone in crisis can turn to for advice, to lend a hand in need.

I am a registered nurse and family nurse practioner. For over 30 years, I’ve worked in hospitals, home care, ambulatory care and senior care facilities. I’ve worked with thousands of elder care organizations and families nationwide. I also provide legal and insurance consulting, risk management, operational and administrative consulting, as well as training and legal nurse consulting. My varied experience is extremely beneficial for all my clients as it allows me to quickly resolve problems and even better, to prevent them.

I’ve published many articles in industry publications, and frequently speak on nursing home and senior care issues.

I started this business because I love to help people, and if you’re a caretaker in need, we can help you too. Please don’t hesitate to call. That’s all it takes.