BIBIBOP Asian Grill



About Us

In August 2013, our dreams became reality and we were finally ready to bring the bold flavors and healthy ingredients of South Korea to Columbus, Ohio. Inspired by the traditional Korean dish bibimbap, meaning “mixed rice,” we sought to blend time-honored Asian flavors with classic American favorites to create a dish everyone would love. From the time we opened the doors to our first location, our fresh food and quality service caught on in our community and quickly spread like wildfire. Since then, we’ve grown to dozens of locations across the nation while maintaining our commitment to bringing WELL BEING to all the communities in which we set up shop. Our goals of strengthening our neighbor and enriching the lives of our team members remain as true today as the day we were nothing but a fleeting dream.

We look forward to serving you and bringing a little WELL BEING into your life!

A happy, healthy lifestyle in every aspect of your life; from the vibrant, nutritious food we serve to the feeling of contentment you’ll have when you leave us. After dining in one of our restaurants, we want you to leave feeling energized and ready to conquer the rest of your day. WELL B•ING is the foundation for all of the decisions we make at BIBIBOP; if it won’t cause you to leave with a smile, we don’t believe in it!