BenjYehuda Restaurant



About Us

After putting the proper pieces of our lives together and finding happiness, we felt strongly that we had something to give. From the recipes to the décor, every detail of BenjYehuda has been executed by us, with love, to share our art with you.

Throughout the world, each culture has their own version of seemingly simple foods found on the streets of their cities. These urban eateries prepare for hours using traditional culinary techniques along with local fresh ingredients. The results are fast, delicious foods enjoyed on the go. They are uniquely part of an identity and comfort of daily life. BenjYehuda is a fusion of these various urban street foods. After blending inspiration and ingredients from all around the globe, we created our own original recipes. We present our vision to you in a fast-paced, interactive and highly stylized environment. We want you to walk in and order with the ease and comfort they do on Ben Yehuda Street in Jerusalem.

To wear or have near you the symbol of the wolf is to howl your deeper nature into existence. As humans we become so conditioned by what society and other people expect of us, we can lose touch with our wild nature that wants to be let loose. Wolf helps us connect to this our inner power. The moon represents this deeper hidden side and the howling is the call to bring this part of us forward.