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Next Generation Technology Serving the Restaurant, Hospitality, Sports & Entertainment, Food Halls, and Corporate Dining Markets.

Appsuite's Unified Digital Experience includes: CRM | Mobile Apps | Loyalty | Rewards | Kiosk Ordering | Online Ordering | Gift | Delivery Management

Show your customers your best side with our customer facing solutions:

-Online Ordering: Appsuite's web-app allows for a seamless ordering experience through your website with many different order types.

-Physical & E-Gift Cards: Appsuite's gift card services give your customers the ability to send and receive balance loaded cards to both their
mailbox and their inbox.

-Loyalty & Rewards: Credit card or event triggered rewards give your guests points with every purchase or special occasion. Easily
redeemed rewards keep your guests engaged by making it simple for them to turn in their earned points for menu or merchandise purchases.

-Branded Mobile Apps: A branded mobile app helps you align your app to your brand and deliver a consistent customer experience.

-Fully Integrated to Oracle POS

-Menu Synchronization: From single to multi-location, online or in-store, Appsuite gives you the tools you need to sync up your menus with

-Campaign Tracking: Keep track of your customers buying and engagement habits to better serve their needs.

-Real-Time Surveys: Reputation Management Tool

-Accounting Reports: Provide on demand or scheduled reports via email, uniquely profiled for each stakeholder at any level.


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