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Posted: 05/15/2022

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Our employee promise – Let’s grow together

Our employees are at the frontline, serving our customers. Our promise to all employees is to provide growth and learning opportunities, to inspire and value the essential work of all our colleagues as a truly global community of experts, joined by a common purpose.

If our employees are the who, then our values are the how ……. How we will create a brighter future together

  • Optimism
  • Caring
  • Reliability
  • Determination
  • Togetherness
  • Forward-Thinking

Our purpose and values



Everything we do is guided by this clear set of values. These are further expressed in our strategy and our Code of Conduct. Put simply, our priorities are to act with the highest standards of integrity, while putting our customers at the heart of all we do.

Created by our employees, for our customers

Together we are fit for purpose. Together we are strong. Our people strengthen our relationships, they promote our brand and enhance our propositions and capabilities and ultimately, they bring our values and culture to life.

We need people who share our vision, passion and make our goals a reality, built on Zurich’s growing strengths and capabilities. Find out more about our strategy and Zurich’s ambitions for the future.



At Zurich, sustainability means doing business today in a way that safeguards the future of our company and our society. It is about the solutions we provide to our customers, the way in which we invest our assets, and how we proactively determine ways to address environmental, social and governance issues in our-day-to-day activities. It is all linked to the fundamental role that insurance plays in society. Sustainability is at the heart of our culture, our purpose and values. Therefore, every employee is encouraged to contribute to Zurich becoming one of the most responsible and impactful businesses in the world.

To lead positive impact today and create a brighter future tomorrow, we are focusing on:

  • Our role as an insurer: managing Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) issues in our insurance transactions and providing solutions with a sustainable impact.
  • Our role as an investor: investing in our assets in a sustainable way through ESG integration, impact investments and science-based targets for carbon emission reductions.
  • Our role in society: encouraging the transition to a low-carbon economy through our 1.5°C Future Plan, reducing our own environmental footprint of our operations in line with climate science, ensuring diversity and inclusion, investing in our communities and improving the resilience to floods worldwide.

We were the first insurer to commit to the UN’s Business Ambition for 1.5°C and remain signatories to a number of other external sustainability principles, including actively supporting the UN Sustainable Development Goals and UN Global Compact. To monitor our progress and continuously improve our sustainability performance, we use stakeholder feedback provided through customer advisory boards and employee surveys, as well as ratings and indices such as CDP, the Dow Jones Sustainability Indexes (DJSI) and the MSCI ESG rating – where Zurich continues to achieve leading performance within the insurance sector.

Discover more about sustainability and our activities here.

Zurich is a strong company that has been around for more than 140 years. We’ve learned a thing or two about what it takes to thrive at the heart of a competitive global industry. This hard-earned knowledge and experience are an integral part of who we are.