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16 Executive Court
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South Barrington, IL 60010
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  • About

    Vermillion Financial Advisors is a Financial Planning and Investment Advisory firm committed to providing services to both individuals and businesses who sincerely desire to improve their finances. As financial planning, retirement and investment services become increasingly complex, we strive to offer sound advice to help you find the critical solutions needed for the financial issues you face. Financial concerns can include “Do I have appropriate investments for my needs and goals?”, “Am I sufficiently funding my retirement plan and do I have the right plan for retirement?” to “Is my family adequately protected family in the event of a catastrophic accident?” Each of these issues can be challenging to address on your own. To address these issues (and many others), Vermillion Financial Advisors takes into account all aspects of your finances, personal values and current position in life, as we strive to help you achieve your long-term goals.

    We take pride in providing comprehensive financial planning and investment advice. Our analytical research and consistent investment processes are continuously reviewed, improved, and expanded to address the changing financial environment. Doing so enables us to offer you the types of services needed from comprehensive financial planning to investment portfolio designs.

    Our team of Certified Financial Planners® (CFPs) takes a holistic approach to financial planning. Have you ever asked yourself any of these questions?
    • “When can I retire?” (Retirement Planning),
    • “Are my investments offering a reasonable return for the risk I am taking?” (Investment Planning),
    • “Am I paying more than my fair share of taxes?” (Tax Planning),
    • “Does my insurance coverage make sense for my current stage in life?” (Insurance Planning),
    • “How do I protect my family and its legacy?” (Estate Planning)
    • “Can I afford to purchase a vacation home or buy out a competitor?” (Major Purchase/Event)
    • “Where is all the money going each month?” (Cash Flow Monitoring)

    These questions can cause stress in your life. Answers however offer you piece of mind. Vermillion Financial Advisors expertise allows us to quickly recognize potential problems before they cost you unnecessary time and money.

    Services we offer include Financial Planning, Investment Services and Qualified Retirement Plan expertise.

    Financial Planning Services
    Financial Planning is the ongoing process of proactively addressing financial issues both large and small that fall within the seven disciplines of personal finances: Investments, Retirement, Estate Planning, Insurance, Major Purchase/Event Planning, Tax Projections, and Cash Flow Management. All potential solutions and decisions are filtered through the knowledge of your current overall financial picture and long-term goals. Financial Planning helps you make non-emotional but sensible decisions about money that are founded in facts and based on your entire and complete financial picture.

    Investment Advisory Services
    Investment services are a major component of your overall finances. At Vermillion Financial Advisors we offer you a variety of service options from a full review and portfolio design (including suggestions to increase your rate of return and further diversify your portfolio), to researching the cost of your portfolio holdings and the tax implications of making any changes.

    Your advisor will work with you to choose a service that provides value for you. You can select one, some, or all of our services. You are in control. Since we do not work on commission, but instead charge a fee for our services, you have the freedom to choose only those services that are of value to you.

    Retirement Planning Services
    Your company offers a retirement plan but are you maximizing the benefits it offers? “Are you and your employees contributing enough to ensure there will be enough saved to live the lifestyle targeted in retirement?” Your Vermillion advisor will work with you to educate you on the key elements of your retirement plan so that you can take full advantage of your retirement planning options to better help you reach your retirement goals.

    If you would like to learn more about Vermillion Financial Advisors and how we may be able to address your specific financial needs, please contact Jim Stein at 847-382-9999 or visit our website at

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