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    Over a decade ago, we started the business that has evolved into The Success Catalyst.

    Our changes were the result of learning opportunities, sometimes referred to as failures. In the beginning, we built curriculum-driven training to help our clients achieve topline profitability. When we honestly assessed the results, the outcomes achieved fell short of our aspirations.

    Knowledge will take you only so far.

    Individuals have limitations. It is unfortunate that our society’s post graduate educational system and professional training strategies tends to focus on individual knowledge and skills.

    In our view, the most important catalyst to winning actions are the ability of teams to effectively solve problems, overcome challenges and engage in successful risk-taking. Teams are powerful tools that elevate the consciousness, commitment and enthusiasm of individual members to succeed.

    The Success Catalyst ignites the power of teams to Play to Win. We choose to develop solutions for problems that impede profitable, topline growth.

    Effective teams require membership that is united, dedicated and capable to work as one. Teammates must have valuable and complementary skills. Joining a team operated by The Success Catalyst is a process that ensures mutual fit and value for our clients. Since success is dependent upon highly-functional teams, not everyone will qualify.

    Visit our four TEAM pages; BLE Elite, BLE Emerging, CEO Roundtable for Business Development and/or Transformative Team Systems (TTS) to learn more.