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    Did you know that your dryer lint trap only catches 75% of the lint! The other 25% is blown out the exhaust of your dryer into the vent piping with lint and other debris which can increase drying times, operating cost, and costly repairs, or early replacement. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission estimates that 16,500 clothes dryer fires occur annually, don’t be one of them.


    We clean all dryer vents ducts with a 4” rotary brush to ensure maximum airflow from your dryer to the outside vent hood. Once cleaned, your dryer will operate normally, will dry your laundry faster, and you can save you as much as $0.67 per load.


    1. Help prevent dryer fires and carbon monoxide poisoning
    2. Restore drying time to approximately 45 minutes, or less
    3. End-to-end vent cleaning from the dryer to the outside of your home
    4. Verify the transition piece is fire resistant, and not leaking lint back into your home!
    5. Verify the system for proper operation
    6. 100% Satisfaction guaranteed!

    Dryer vents that are clogged dry cloths less efficiently, and each load will take longer, and longer to dry. This will cost you more in time, utilities cost, appliance repairs, and possibly a Dryer Fire.


    Paul Meyers
    The Lint King Inc.

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    Our coverage includes most of Northern Illinois. North of I-80 & Rte-30 & South of Rte 173 & East of Rte 47.