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Stem Cell Centers

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890 E Higgins Road
Suite # 157
Schaumburg, IL 60073
(847) 309-1660
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    We help people get their life back by reducing their chronic pain and dramatically increasing their quality of life by using the miracle of Stem Cell Regenerative Therapy.

    Together, we provide standardized care based on researched protocols that are proven to work – our patients have a much better chance of getting better and healing.As a leading practice in regenerative medicine, a unique feature within our clinics is that we don't rely on just one type of stem cell. Each of our clinics offers amniotic and concentrated cord blood, bone marrow stem cells, and adipose stem cells. Many other clinics offer only one or two of these life changing stem cells.

    We have multiple locations across the country and our newest one is in Schaumburg, IL. You’ll be glad to know that we retain protocol consistency within all our clinics. That means that along with a successful treatment, you’ll find care, respect, and understanding regardless of which clinic you visit. So if you refer a friend or loved one to one of our Stem Cell Centers, they’ll be sure to receive the same great care as you did.