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    Making schools, hospitals, and campuses safer from violent attacks is an ongoing process that evolves and improves through the regular practice of lockdown or armed intruder plans. Having a crisis or lockdown plan is vital, but it is not enough. These plans must be drilled and practiced annually, or more often. Each subsequent drill should improve upon the previous drill, and the process of emergency preparedness never stops evolving and improving…

    I develop and review crisis plans and conduct “Lockdown” drills for schools, hospitals, park districts, and business campuses. For 27 years I served a Chicago area police department as an Officer, Detective, and Sergeant, and I developed leading expertise in school, hospital, and workplace emergency preparedness.

    As a police officer for 27 years, I protected families and businesses by training and preparing for any emergency. As an attorney, I protect the assets of families, business entities, and the self-employed through the legal equivalent of emergency preparedness. People and businesses need proactive planning to minimize the consequences of a legal or medical crisis. A person’s life can be permanently disrupted by lawsuits, creditors, divorce and illness. And death without proper estate planning will be a disaster for your family members. With advanced planning, the legal consequences of such a crisis can be decreased or eliminated entirely.

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      3400 Stonegate Blvd
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