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Equityroots, Inc.

  • Commercial Real Estate
3 Dani Lane
Schaumburg, IL 60173
(312) 483-2200
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    The mission is to build institutional grade franchised hotel investments for us and our clients.

    This includes accredited investors within United States, foreign nationals, qualified business entities, and IRA & 401k account holders. EquityRoots has strong ties with land-use attorneys and strategic partnerships with established real estate developers in Chicago, Houston, and Charlotte. We spend countless weeks, months, and sometimes years identifying the best markets and the assets to match. We work closely with community development corporations, local governments, management teams, and master planners because we aim to offer assets that perform well for its stakeholders and the communities they serve.

    Crowdfunding is a powerful financing mechanism- Creating and sharing real estate investments, breaking barriers to entry, and putting everyone's money to work- We're saying goodbye to all the middle-men and commissions in the process and taking advantage of direct investment.

    Having community participation and power of the people behind our investments makes a difference.
    -- Equityroots' Legal Department