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At Handsome, we believe that a healthy back is fundamental to a happy life and we want to get people moving again and avoid back pain in the first place. Whether they are currently suffering or have never had back pain before, we want to show that taking care of your back now can make a difference later. 

Our team has developed a range of innovative & stylish back pain and posture products with considerable input from the London Spine Clinic.

We offer Back Pain Products in 5 Zones:
Neck (Neck Brace), Shoulder (Easy Applicator), Middle Back (Shoulder/Posture Brace), Central Lower Back (Back Brace) and Lateral Lower Back (Sacroiliac Belt).

Our Posture Products include: Standing Desk, Posture/Laptop Stand, Backboard (lumbar chair support), Posture Cushion. Our Neck Brace and Posture Brace also fit in this category. 

Order Online today or by phone! Hours are 8am to 4pm. We can also set up Bulk Discounts by phone if you would like to order for several employees of your company!

Did you know? 

Back Pain is the leading cause of disability for Americans under the age of 45.

Over 80% of people who use a computer for more than 4 hours a day complain of back pain. 
Desk Workers or those who sit the most throughout the day for work,have the most pain in these areas:

38%  shoulder pain
53% neck pain
33% wrist pain
63% lower back pain

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We offer a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee !

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